Good Morning: I have a cold

Well Since I've had several people tell me my post last night seemed cryptic I decided to post today. I really just have a cold. My brain seems really foggy. I've been a little bit sad this last week. I started training for a half marathon with Claire- then when may rolled around and we finished I gained five pounds. I guess if your activity level drops that much you gain lots of weight. Maybe I should just start training for another run. Hugely depressing. Well this morning the scale informed me that I lost three pounds this week. Today I started on weight watchers so we'll see if I can stay consistent. I was shocked- I've been really good at slowly losing weight since Mark was born (like a pound every three weeks after the first 6 weeks). I still want to lose weight from Danielle. I've thought a lot about trying to be happy about the changes that happen from pregnancy- like now I can do a sit up, when Mark was born- not so much. I am shocked at how hard it is to get your body to cooperate and do the things I'm used to being able to do. Running was the perfect exercise because it doesn't make me feel depressed about things I used to be able to do- I could never run.
End discussion of weight that I obsess about daily.
In good news I was on the front page of etsy today- or rather Eli my nephew was. I knew he was a good model. I was pretty happy about it. I can't hear much of what is going on today because I am stuffed up, and Mark is sick. He likes to wake up every two hours in the night. That is rude. Mark has never really liked going anywhere and it is sometimes just easier to stay home. So I've become a little bit of a hermit. I'm finally getting friends here that drag me out of my cave to go places, which I really like.
Erik had lots of ideas about etsy and things I could make- I hope I'm able to make more things. I'm part of a really awesome treasury group called Curation Nation but I still need more in my shop.

see that cute little boy in a bear shirt? That is my nephew. He is DARLING.

Carlie Madsen (June 28, 2010 at 8:17 PM)  

I think your kids are cute, and I think you have a natural eye for composition and take awesome pictures. I'm excited to hear how weight watchers goes. I'm glad you enjoy running. I still need to find the perfect exercise. Someday, we should go to the Peeps store in National Harbor in Maryland. You can save your weight watcher points for eating some delicious peeps :)

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