I love gifts.
Over the last week I've been contacted twice on Etsy from people trying to get stuff. One of the people said-
"Hi! My name is Ashley and I own a website called where I sell one great item at a time at a really great price. I saw your baby blankets and think you do amazing work! I would like to feature them on my site if you are interested. How it works is you sell me as much for as little as you can. I then pass these great prices onto the website where thousands of moms constantly check it looking for the next great deal. You get to say what you would like about the items in the description part of the listing as well as the pictures and include your link so they, their friends and others they talk to can shop from you directly in the future. 2 websites are and if you want to see what it would look like.
I would be looking to purchase right away and they would be featured this week.
Let me know if you might be interested and thank you so much for reading : )

you know the two sites she mentioned were not actually her sites, which doesn't come up.
the next email told me I had great products she would love to review on her blog- and do a giveaway! Thanks so much for offering to do a giveaway! I don't really make enough money to need a tax write off though.
I didn't respond to either email. I guess I could give this stuff to people. I looked at her blog and I have done giveaways on blogs before but they have never translated to sales. Then again, I don't really trust the 'mommy bloggers' who "review" products. Really? They give you the product for free- when someone gives me something for free even if the item itself is a little vomit inducing I am thrilled to have a present. That means someone thought of me. So how can you really do a reasonable review? I have been thinking of cloth diapers and looking around at sites and finding no informative information on those blog reviews. Did you really love the free stuff they sent you to try?
It's like the mommy bloggers that were speaking out against pampers and were flown out to a meeting. Now they are gushing about how awesome pampers is. Seems like a huge load of crap to me- like they were only complaining to get positive attention. What will pampers do about my frustration? Well I guess they felt important enough after visiting with the Pampers people.
Many of these people are phonies. Just like the happy about everything bloggers. Maybe some of them really do love everything about motherhood though, and then I am just too jealous to read their blogs. but the reviewers- meh. They lie about what they like. They make up stories.
oh wait- some of my dear friend posts are a combination of friends. That probably also qualifies as made up. I want to keep my real friends, after all...
So these emails have just upset me. I don't want to have to deal with them.
so I did what most mature adults would do and ignored them- and now I am complaining about them.
Maybe I'm just bitter that I don't get free stuff to try out. here are some reviews of baby carriers for you-
hotslings- no go. hurts your shoulder a lot- and the fabric rolls up and digs into your shoulder or neck. They sure do look hot though- so I guess maybe for a newborn. Danielle hated being in these things.
Other slings- No thanks on products that had the parts break so kids fell out and now carry a warning for kids getting suffocated.
Moby wrap- no thanks. Huge fabric so you are bound to drag it in the dirt when you are putting it on and then it loosens. by the end of the day your lower back hurts if you don't have Boy Scout tying skills. and you don't.
Ergo carrier- I like it OK- baby hates that stupid little head cover though- do any babies let fabric hold their heads down? back doesn't hurt as much.
Jeep Carrier- ugly. My husband doesn't really like wearing it either. Do you want one? Send me your address and I will mail it to you.
Ring Sling- like the bad thing of the Hotsling with the long dragging fabric of the Moby- hooray!
Baby Bjorn- never tried it.
Mai Thai- also never tried it, but the long ties might have the moby problem of dragging on the ground. Some are cute though.

and the overall winner- Ergo
overall review- How the heck do people think it's "easy" to nurse in these things. so stupid. Also baby carriers make me a little sweaty- especially in summer. Maybe that's why strollers are so popular.

we also have a camping carrier- but people who wear those around the house look and are ridiculous- I am sorry.

I'm not judging people who solicit others for free items. but I'm also not responding to either message. Even though I love gifts- I love giving them to people I know and like. and I am totally open to doing reviews on my blog- but I hate most baby products so I would make a terrible reviewer.

How do you feel about gifts with strings attached?

aaron wilkinson (June 3, 2010 at 2:34 PM)  

Thinking out loud:

I like gifts too, but I'm not too crazy about “free stuff.” Most of the free stuff out there is crap you end up throwing away anyways. I think in the future wheelbarrows will become a popular way to carry children. Effective, stylish, and multipurpose too.

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