Mother's Day

Well I've been a mom now for a little over five years.  It hasn't been as glamorous as- well I knew it wouldn't be glamorous. and this year mother's day is on my birthday again.  Unsurprisingly I am feeling intensely sorry for myself. Last time was my first mother's day. we had a new baby and ended up going to visit John's mom. John slept in until we left for his moms because he was up all night with our fussy baby Danielle.
I hate mother's day.  It has a history of ruining my birthday, which is possibly my favorite holiday.  I never feel like I've done enough for my mom and at church they always talk about how every mom is an angel on earth.
I don't feel much like an angel on earth most days.
My sister Claire asked what I wanted for mother's day.  I didn't have a list.  How is it possible for me not to have a list? so I decided to think about what I would want for mother's day.

  1.  Panera bread. I love this place. I've been eating really healthy right now and it's really hard! plus three kids= not a lot of sleep.  I just feel like I'm putting out fires all day.
  2. Size three clothes for Mark.  He's finally getting taller.
  3. Shoes. I love shoes. I'm size 8.5
  4. Help organizing my basement.  
  5. A pressure cooker like Carlie has. dang I love that oatmeal.
  6. shirts like this one. Pictures of my kiddos in the shirts.
  7. a non-broken phone.  my screen cracked.  It was sad.
  8. My car to be fixed.  The windshield is broken.  I wish a had a smaller less expensive car but that's something else.
  9. A moving van to show up at my house. We are selling our house.
  10. My mom to visit me.
  11. a new photo printer.
  12. monies.  The universal gift card.
  13. time to quilt the quilt I was making with my Grandma Berg.

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