Well today was a good day.  So I'm exhausted. I'm grateful for lots of things today.

  1. I'm grateful for cuddling with the kiddos.
  2. I'm grateful for dancing time with Mark. He loves to dance and he is good at it.
  3. I'm grateful for people being friendly.  I feel like even people I wouldn't expect to be friendly really try and I appreciate it. People can do amazing things.
  4. I'm grateful to learn the hard way never to use your nice paintbrush with the epoxy counter top paint. Oh wait- that's not grateful that's whining.
  5. I'm grateful to my friend Bree coming to help me clean out the bedroom to get the house ready for sale.  Danielle asked her to bring some more macaroni and cheese. Not going to lie- that's some amazing mac and cheese there.
  6. I'm grateful Andrew is such a patient baby.  He's starting to teethe so he isn't sleeping quite as well but he's still just so mellow it amazes me.
  7. I'm grateful for the internet.  I swear google knows everything. every thing.
  8. Grateful for this idea: "Oh you left a voice message?  Why didn't you just tape a post it note to the door of the apartment I moved out of six years ago." nice.
  9. Grateful that some handy tape healed my phone screen for a little while longer.
  10. Grateful to be alive and well.

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