Halloween Plans.

Gold Pumpkins Rule
  1.  Have a party. This is difficult since we don't drink and many of our friends do.  We will have a kid friendly portion of the party. I've already started stockpiling candy and bought a bat pinata. It's in my grocery budget and that's why I have to start so early... I really need to find a new babysitter so she can go play with the kids and I can just hang out with adults.
  2. Gold Pumpkins baby.  I saw the idea HERE and she was talking about a Pinterest person she likes.  I might have to get on Pinterest- just because I'm inspired by the Gold pumpkins.  Our own pumpkins have taken over the backyard.
  3. Decide If I should use my pottery barn credit to get those lovely matching Eric Carlisle costumes or get Danielle the Mermaid costume she really wants. my kids wear their Halloween costumes year round as dress ups.  And sometimes Danielle tries to wear them every day but oh well... Why doesn't she want to be the butterfly I want her to be?
  4. Go trick or treating with our neighbors church group again.  They have a really nice bunch of kids and Danielle loves them. Mark might be too slow though, maybe I will call the Medical school professor we ended up with last year. He was super nice and I LOVED it. Oh no my mom was visiting last year so I was able to go with the kids even though John was gone.
  5. Get someone to come so we can take the kids trick or treating since John will probably be busy. Any takers?  I tried to convince my grandma to fly my mom out- but no dice there.
  6. Go to the pumpkin patch.  Danielle is in LOVE with pumpkins.
  7. Have pumpkins from my own garden. This year the pumpkins took over the Garden. I don't know what it is but it looks like they are on steroids. We have two plants taking over four beds. It's like the green peppers last year. I wish it was the raspberries though because I was hoping to make freezer jam.
  8. Bring treats for Danielle's preschool even though they don't officially celebrate. I wonder how I will pull this off... They don't have Valentines or Christmas either, but it's a Jewish Preschool so that shouldn't be so surprising.
  9. Go to the Pottery Barn Outlet to see if they have cheaper costumes and some decorations from last year.  Did I mention my gift card to the Pottery Barn?  It is killing me I want to spend it so bad. at the outlet. Also Danielle needs a twin sized bed but my gift card isn't that big. 
  10. Decide what our Halloween food tradition will be- my mom used to always make clam chowder.  But she probably won't be here and I'm a pregnant lady so that might not work.  Maybe we can pick up some soup at Panera Bread for the same effect without the nausea of cooking.

What are your Halloween plans?

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