End Of Summer

 Summer seems to be ending soon. It's been raining all over.  So Mark has actually stopped trying to exclusively eat Popsicles.  He likes them. All. The. Time.
 Today is the first Thursday that we didn't go to the Farmer's Market.  I was a little sad because I love going with the kiddos. Mark walks over to Paul Plum and picks which fruit he wants and starts eating it.  Somehow Danielle always seems to get free stuff.  She picks the fruit and gives them money and they give her extra stuff. then Mark starts throwing rocks.
On Wednesday Danielle asked me if I thought a stegosaurus or a triceratops would win in a fight.  I said triceratops.  Also I thought a brontosaurus would win against a stegosaurus. Danielle told me that a brontosaurus was purple. then she said- see I did learn things before preschool.
I died a little.
Where did Danielle learn the color of Dinosaurs? Dino Dan. I was grateful that she didn't learn it from Dinosaur train.  sometimes I wonder if I should be watching these kid shows a little closer- because honestly  was that on the show? Danielle started school and her first day she had sports. She was so excited to go.
Then when I went to pick her up she cried because she didn't get to go to the daycare after preschool. Some of the kids go to daycare after the classes. It also took me a while to convince her that she would be able to swim eventually, even though it didn't happen the first day.
I totally have one of these children that wants me to work so she can go be with all the other kids in daycare.  At least Mark likes being with me.

For the second day of preschool Danielle at least didn't wake up two hours early.  but she did get dressed before I woke up and took extra care to wear tights and socks. She told me she wanted to look really pretty. And she asked to wear my necklace from John so she could look extra pretty.  She found an orange flower for her hair but had to be convinced to let me comb her hair.

kathryn (September 9, 2011 at 12:09 AM)  

Danielle is so funny! and adorable! and Mark is super cute! and he looks so much like Danielle!

NaDell (September 9, 2011 at 6:06 AM)  

Don't worry. My kids wish they could play at daycares too. Danielle is growing up! So cute.

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