Grocery Shopping

Since my newest hobby is thinking about food and spending less money on groceries I decided I should share that today I went grocery shopping with wild abandon. the evidence:
I bought cherries. hello 5 dollars a pound.
I bought apple apple at the grocery store even though i know it is 30 cents cheaper at target. I got two boxes.
I let my kids pick their own cereal. and then their own box of fruit snacks. Of course I made Danielle swear on her life that she would brush her teeth after she ate them, which she did not do a few hours later.
I got butter with boxtops for education on it.
And Margarine. I love box tops brands- I cut them out and then give them to someone else because my kids aren't even in school yet.
I bought dannonino- also known as the most expensive kids yogurt on earth- you get like one spoonful of yogurt for the same price as other yogurts.
I bought lunchables- even though they are 50 cents cheaper at target. My child asked for them and I just put them in the cart.
I bought a half gallon of milk instead of a bigger one.
I bought gallons of water. someone asked us if we had a boil order on our water the other day. I guess it didn't taste good. So I got some water. and water bottles- with the sports tops that are awesome. Mark has already dumped one on the family room floor. It was a kids bottle with added fluoride.
I bought the most expensive kind of apples- just because I like the way they taste.

reckless abandon.
I almost bought some rainbow chip chips ahoy.
so at least you know I haven't completely lost all control.

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