I love teeth: Sunday Thoughts about the last few months when I have been missing from life

Have I mentioned yet that I love teeth? I love taking my kids to the dentist. They like us, because Danielle has pretty good teeth. I worry that she will end up with the busted grills that run in my family and then her grandpa will have retired and we will have to pay a boat load to get her teeth fixed.
so far so good. With our new million billion dollar insurance we have dental coverage and we didn't even have to pay for her checkup (although if she had cavities this might have been different because it's not a huge yearly allowance- I don't even thing it would cover one of my average visits.)
I hate having cavities. Also on my bad list- pregnancy gingivitis, which I totally have. My gums bleed every time I think about brushing my teeth. It just makes me want to floss more, honestly. So when I took Danielle to the dentist (OK honestly I think it was in MAY) she loved her bag of stickers and her pink balloon. She also liked brushing the teeth of the stuffed animals. I was so proud of her for sitting still and being polite for the dentist- and I was happy she wanted to wear her heart shirt that I made for her. She showed me her clean teeth just like she showed the dentist.
If I raise her right maybe she will be a dentist someday.

NaDell (July 18, 2011 at 5:13 AM)  

I love little kid teeth and the dentist. I'm odd like that.
They are always so big looking when they first come in (Andy calls them Chiclet teeth), but by the time they lose them, they are so tiny in comparison. I love the perfect little spaces between them.
Sorry about pregnancy gums. I had/have a receding gumline. The only way to fix it is to graft other mouth skin onto your gums. Yuck. I hope I never have to do that!

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