Today the children discovered the joys of Lunchables. they re discover this joy every time we go to the store and they want me to get lunchables.
So little food contained in so much packaging- what child wouldn't like that?  The only way they could make it better would be to include some of those metal ties that you can't cut with a normal pair of scissors but have to untwist.  What do toy makers think will happen to the toys if they don't have those stupid things?
Danielle got to go to a birthday party which was awesome. She also had friends over.  I watched someone's kids so they could go to another dance recital and it was awesome.  The kids were older and super polite and well behaved. They just played with my kids the whole time.  It gave me such great hope for when my kids got older.
Also I finally repaired Mark's beloved squeaky shoes.  Mark loves those things. It's really funny because everyone gets so annoyed but I almost feel like I can't hear them anymore.  I like how people wonder why the shoes squeak.
But no more squeaky shoes on Sunday.

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