Sunday Thoughts

Yesterday at church Danielle told everyone in Primary her mom did drugs.  I guess they were having a lesson about what to put in your body. I'm glad I could help with the lesson. I'm still not sure if Danielle knows the different between illegal "drugs" and "medicine" from your doctor, even though the teacher tried to explain it. Probably my fault there... At least she didn't come home and tell me how bad I was for taking drugs.
This is not to be confused with her offer to show other people her boobs.  This was the second time this week, so I decided I should tell her you normally don't show people your boobs. She seemed disappointed that boobs weren't something to share.  I'm disappointed that I taught my child to say "boobs" so strongly. Maybe I should have used some odd euphemism so people would just be confused and think the silly child is trying to take her clothes off for no reason. Also I have no idea where she would come up with this stuff.  She complimented someone's boobs the other day. I don't think any small child has ever told me I had nice boobs before. This can't be a common practice.

I'm pretty sure it's normal to let your kids dress up in ballet outfits at home though.  mark decided he also wanted a pretty dress so we put it on over his clothes.  Then got him a hair thing for him to throw on the floor over and over again.  After throwing it he had the decency to bring it to me to put back.  Over and over and over again.
It was actually adorable, which is good since his dance routing was accompanied by a lot or yelling.  as is much of Mark's monster lifestyle.

kathryn (August 13, 2011 at 12:48 AM)  

Cute pictures! Mark and Danielle look so much alike. It's really cute to see them have fun together. Don't you love when they are happy playing together and keeping each other entertained?

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