My Spot

So, like everyone else in the world I hate it when people reveal they are idiots when they park. Like putting their tiny little coupe in two spots and it isn't even one of those really nice cars where you can tell they just didn't want the commoners to ding their super fancy car. When I had foot surgery several years ago I realized just how many people think the handicapped parking is in fact an express lane at the grocery store.
No, it's actually for handicapped people, not some crappy blonde lady who has her kid run in the store while she talks on her cell phone to avoid looking at people.
The first time I saw little cards on etsy I thought they were funny. Then like everyone else who has been to a parking lot I was enraged.  I think it was probably the next day.  I wanted those cards.  They are even laminated for when people make you walk longer in the rain. I think if I actually had them I wouldn't be able to give them out because I would cherish them too much.  But they totally capture how I feel a LOT of the time. Maybe it's like a friendly alternative to ramming them with your car over and over when they pull into the spot right in front of you.  and it's definitely less likely to get you arrested. Please tell me I'm not the only one who wishes they had ramming rods on their car some day...
Then the other day at the gym I realized something.

I was parked right on the line. No one was next to me.
This was a separate time from when my friend made me re-park for being over the line.
I think it was the second time in one week I had majorly failed at parking.
and not straightened myself out.
I swear I went to driving school, and at one point I could even parallel park. Or pull into a spot without being super crooked.

It's not nearly as funny when you look at the parking lot and the car that needs the stupid parking cards is your own car.

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