Christmas without the kids was super hard. We had Christmas with my family Saturday. And the ward adopted us. I think my visiting teachers might have arranged that and I totally cried. But not as much as I did when I opened my etsy secret Santa present. It was one of those necklaces with my kids initials on it.I got the necklace from Angie from CherryandViolet and I totally started crying and loved it. I've always wanted one of these- just like as a mom's gift.  You know how some people get presents for babies and stuff? This always seemed like it was so sweet- or you can also get personalized rings. Anyway I was surprised how emotional I was about it.
It's sad to be away from my kids in Christmas and makes the whole thing seem more raw but then I get reminded that this was the right decision and I had no choice. I've realized who my true friends are and seen how good a lot of people are, but also how wrong I was about a lot of people.

NaDell Ransom (December 29, 2012 at 8:14 PM)  

Pretty necklace. Also, your neck looks SOOOO skinny! You've been working out hard! Sorry you had a rough Christmas, but I'm glad people took care of you. =)

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