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Most days I feel like the baby will literally fall out of me.  Then I realize this is impossible, if I remember labor correctly it feels like a cross between death and some other horrible fate where you wish you were dead. 
something like that.  Maybe i will go run a marathon tonight. John tells me with my luck I would just be uncomfortable and go well past my due date.  He is probably right.

I distract myself from all this positive thinking by pondering things I could get for Christmas if I was totally rich. Other than a deck there are a lot of cool things out there. Things I will probably never own but like to think about.

More things I want:
Cooling racks
wire whisk.
my mom tells me I need these things.
She is right.
A bookshelf.
a pedicure.
a ticket on southwest.
to visit my grandma again.  I love visiting her. She is amazing.

I just realized the other day I haven't really been paying attention to Christmas- since I am totally unprepared for it.  Now there are no more pink fijits in the world, so Danielle will be a sad girl.

John finally sent me a list:

USMLE Step 2 Secrets by Theodore X O’Connell and Adam Brochert (Newest version – it’s blue)
Paula Poundstone – I Heart Jokes
Aziz Ansari – intimate moments for a sensual evening
Other awesome comedy cd’s or books on cd
Amazon.com credit

you guessed it- I am buying him cologne and a sweater. Maybe I'll sign him up to run a tough mudder race.

sivab (December 13, 2011 at 10:03 AM)  

I looked for the pink fijit at my target and they were all out.

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